Foods to Avoid

Avoid hard and sticky foods like:

* Popcorn *Nuts *Peanut Brittle *Corn Chips * Ice (chewing) *Pizza Crust *Pretzels *Hard Candy *Corn on Cob *Taffy *Caramel *Fruit Cakes *GUM *Licorice *Fruit Rolls Ups *Gummy Candy

Brush/rinse immediately after sweets like:

*Candy *Soda Pop *Shakes and Malts *Cakes and Pie *Ice Cream *Cupcakes *Cookies *Presweetened Cereals.

High Sugar foods increase the likelihood of plaque build-up. If you do eat them, brush your teeth immediately afterwards. If you cannot brush right away, always rinse your mouth with clear water after eating sweet food.

Eat With Care:

  • Carrot Sticks-cut into thin sticks.
  • Apples-Slice and peel into small wedges. DON’T bite into apple.
  • Hard Bread-(French)-take small pieces: chew carefully.
  • Pizza- Take small bites, Avoid eating the hard crust.
  • Meats- Cut into small bites and chew carefully.
  • Crackers and biscuits-Take small pieces; chew carefully.
  • Peanut Butter-Smooth only, never eat “chunky” Style.

Foods and drinks to Increase Calcium and Vitamin C:

*Milk *yogurt *Cheese *Orange Juice *Apple Juice *Grapefruit *Broccoli *Melons

Calcium and Vitamin C are very important for healing bone and collagen that are affected by the movement of your teeth. Consuming adequate amount of these nutrients daily will also help maintain healthy gums.

NO Fingernail, Pencil, Or Pen biting!